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StigSelfPortrait, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

It’s not quite ready for prime time, but I thought I should show you the first of the test shots “off the role” so to speak (great, now those “I Use Film!” people are going to come and get me in my sleep. Er, um, thanks for the T-shirt, whoever you are!) For this shot (and upcoming tribute to the man I love, whoever he might be) I think I’m going to have to get a turtleneck and some gloves. The helmet’s looking pretty good though (I must admit-thanks, Peter!) and the jacket’s ok. (I could do worse.) I’m using a slight Orton technique to darken the face, which will probably be replaced with either a plastic visor (the “real deal” as it were) or some dark paper, strategically placed (it’s either one of those solutions or lots of clone stamping in good old Photoshop.)

Speaking of (oh, how I almost hate to) those dreaded “I Use Film!” people, it’s also ‘Roid Week so that would make it, in fact, that time of year when it’s hip to be square. Get your ‘Roids in while they last, I say, for the good folks at Ilford have not quite yet announced they are taking over the asylum. (Come on…come on….lately, it seems like we’re always waiting on the Brits.) Current ‘Roid gossip is circulating that the good folks at Ilford are looking to purchase what’s left of the Polaroid film group which implies that, as you can imagine, we’re all sitting ’round with bated breath hoping, preying, and sacrificing small farm animals in the hopes that somebody, somewhere will once again make some SX-70 film. Imagine being able to do manipulations again? Oh, now that would be a treat.

Maybe not as nice a treat as getting to marry dear Stiggy but, you know, pretty nice anyway. And, for the record, I think Stiggy would make a *great* ‘Roid manipulation-he’s helmet is nice and round, which would fit itself nicely into the ‘Roid square format, and it’s white, which would make him a multi-colored manipulation. I think he would look just ducky as a ‘Roid, don’t you? Great, now I’m going to dream about going back to Ilford and getting to do a Stiggy ‘Roid manipulation while making pilgrimage to the people who brought us the pink lady.

In other news, this weekend marked Los Lonely Boys and Blues Traveler playing at Stubb’s BBQ (if you went do tell me how it was.) I missed the God-forsaken ones (“How Far is Heaven…”) and also the premier of the new season of Doctor Who, since I was up to my eyeballs in portfolio prints, stitching together the last of the book, and getting stuff ready for my upcoming show. I’m still caught up in that mess but I had to, I mean I just had to, stop and post the test shot of the great helmeted one, just for you.

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  1. Anonymous
    November 11, 2008 / 12:10 am

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