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In the “yeah, yeah, so tell me something about this planet” news department, the good Doctor, David Tennant, has announced that he’s orbiting out of the role of the Doctor. Yes, snowflakes, you know what that means-soon there will be a new Doctor Who.

With all of the snark that I bring you on a (now daily) basis, you might be wondering why I have yet to comment on this the “low hanging fruit” of David Tennant-land. (I mean, come on, one day I call him a weasel and the next? He quits. How “blog worthy” is that?) I haven’t felt the need to even comment about this because:

  • With my upcoming book and portfolio review, my TiVo’s so full it’s deleting first run movies and all British TV shows again.
  • The Stig (Marry me, Stiggy!) has provided me with more than enough NaBloPoMo blogger fodder to last a month of Sundays (and, even for a “wedding day” should one happen along-hint! hint!)
  • At the rate BBC America plays re-runs in the US, it’ll take me 12 years to figure out there’s a new dude on Doctor Who.
  • All of the above

Maybe it hasn’t struck me yet-it hasn’t quite sunk in that he’ll be gone. No more Doctor Who as we know him, he’ll be different and I’ll have a new Doctor to snark on about. In all fairness, the weasel-like David Tennant does deserve a break here. I mean, he did play a fierce Doctor while it lasted. Though some say he’s made entirely of cheese, even the man in the moon disappears every once in a while. We can’t really complain about that now, can we? I mean, it would screw up the tides if he were up there all the time and he needs a nap every once in a while, at least until the earth rotates about its axis once again. (Come back to planet earth, good David, I’m sure there are plenty of roles left of this spinning blue ball of madness we call a home. Maybe you could play a weasel in your next upcoming production?)

Beep! Beep! Now who are they going to get to drive through the stratosphere in a little blue box?

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