Is it Midnight yet?

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Is it midnight yet? Can I blog yet? Oh gosh, I feel I must blog…I’m in this competition, you see, and it’s for charity and all. A lot of people have a lot riding on this blog of mine, which makes me feel rather odd, actually, it does. I mean, it’s just little old me babbling on about everything in particular and nothing at all, all month long, meanwhile, the shelter waits for donations. It’s hard this thing is. Sometimes, I think I hate November for it, but then I remember how much good can come from it. I hate November but I love the idea that, by doing something so silly, I can help so many people who really need it.

I have all these ideas, I’m just bursting with things to blog about. I was going to tell you about the time I invaded Canada because I didn’t know how to drive a stick shift (that was pretty funny actually) about the time I drove across the causeway out to the Florida Keys (that was like a childhood trauma factory disguised as a “summer vacation”) about this dumbass Nissan Pulsar car that nobody would ever admit to driving, yet somehow lasted longer than everybody’s “real” car, about the time I drove the Buick Skylark even though I wasn’t supposed to (I was only like 12 at the time.) All these thoughts and memories come rushing back when I think about driving…ideas that just keep weaving their way around my head, wanting to come out, making me feel as if I’ll explode if I don’t get them down before the end of the month…all the while I’m in this competition that’s so hard…and, all the time, the printer keeps making that odd whining noise…my book is nowhere near finished…I just keep thinking how it can’t go on like this-how I’ve got to get it out or it will eat me…how I can’t rely on silly Stig posts for the whole month and how it seems as though, even though I’m almost bursting at the seems with ideas and posts I want to write, every time I sit down at the stupid keyboard it’s like my head just gets “zapped” empty and I wind up posting another silly blog about a stupid thing…like you know, David Tennant or the price of tea in China. Nobody cares about tea in China anymore, everybody drinks freaking energy drinks, hangs out at Starbucks, and pretends to really “be” somebody….meanwhile, the damned printer keeps making that noise and my head still feels like it wants to explode…I’d say that I kind of feel like Jack Kerouac only, damn, Jack Kerouac was a “real” writer, a good writer, a man who churned out novels with lasting value, I’m just this stupid blogger in this silly little competition wring some blog that nobody’s going to read anyway. I mean, it’s not like, years from now, I’ll have some sort of “literary masterpiece” that I can hang my hat on…this ain’t no freaking “On the Road,” crap, this is just NaBloPoMo and it’s just the stupid Internet already…all done for some competition that doesn’t really mean anything to anybody except for the charity bit, nobody would even notice…I mean you wouldn’t notice right? Would you even notice if I missed a post? Would anybody even care if I stopped blogging, really? I mean, crap, it’s just all pixels lost in space, we’re all just like “sparrows in the hall” you know, here until we’re not, and it’s just life lived out on the world freaking wide web for everybody to see and nobody to really care for anyway. It’s not like you would notice if I posted a minute early, would you? It’s all just minutes lost in time, this blog thing is…Is it midnight where you live? Are you up late? Wondering…dreaming…thinking…pondering? Do you know the real meaning of life or even the price of tea in China, ’cause, damn, I sure as hell don’t.

Ah, yes, we’ve reached that point in November where you start to think, “can I really do this?” that’s all. Welcome to the almost freaking middle of the freaking month. Do you know how to spell “burn out” ’cause I sure as hell don’t.

This has been a public service announcement. Carry on…As you were…

Until next…yeah right, whatever…..


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  1. Where is Darran?
    November 8, 2008 / 10:41 pm

    I have been seeing a lot of expressions on people’s faces that mimic this post. It’s like end of the year syndrome. People are thinking about holidays, what they did/did not accomplish the past year, and where they are going in the next season. Some are wondering what is going to happen to them in the future given the economy.

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