Now That's Cool

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Though you don’t quite know what it is, I bet you are inclined to agree with me when I say, “that’s cool.” And, I’m here to tell you, tonight especially, you’d be right.

You see it’s cool here in River City. It’s a balmy 59 degrees or something outside. Almost need a jacket kind of cool out there it is. And, I’m here to say, I love it. I love the cool, I love the fact that the heat broke and that the weather is turning. Bring it on, Mr. Autumn, we missed you and, it goes without saying really but, you’re cool. Cool is good. It’s a good thing to be cool, isn’t it?

In other news, the moo cards have arrived and they look great. A big shout out to the good folks in London who moo until the cows come home. Great stuff, that is. Blurb has also announced that we can now have heavier paper. I love heavy paper, really I do, especially since the original Blurb paper was a bit too thin for my liking. Heavy paper, wonderful moo, and great weather. Damn, life is good.

All that and I’ve got big plans in the works for the coming days and time ahead. Sure, there’s the portfolio review, but there’s so much more going down, happening all at once, but it’s great. I like it. I love it when things start to come together, things happen, and it just feels like the world is swirling by you at ten thousand miles an hour. I kind of missed that feeling, what with the heat of summer and the general slow down of things. But, you know, it’s back now, and it’s good. It’s autumn and we’re enjoying it.

Now, that’s really cool, isn’t it?

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