You're No Bunny Until Some Bunny

TheBunny, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Ok, now I admit it. I don’t really care how these shots come out. I’m just have way too much fun. Repeat after me, “it’s just a bunny!” (BTW, here’s your stupid shrub.) We are the knights who say….

Oh the horror, oh the humanity, I think I’m going to be an image or two short. I’m doing a project on dreams, you see, and, so far, I have horror (nightmares actually,) floating (actually surfing, but I can’t be technical at this stage of the game) this guy (movies,) possibly running/being chased, and some eyeglasses (vision.) Well, I guess I might just be able to squeeze out six of these. Gosh, I just so wish I had a bit more time for the project.

Until next bush…


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