Finely Tuned Machine

Volumn And Bridge, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

The new iMac has made it to my door and, in turn, made it out of my door yet again. It’s over at the Apple store, having it’s data transferred. Don’t you just love a good “brain dump” in the morning? (Ok, ok, so maybe I have been watching a few too many Doctor Who re-runs as of late.)

We’re supposed to get some storms and rain all through this week. We’re all anxiously awaiting water to fall from the sky. Oh, how my grass really needs it. Boring, I know, but that’s the latest of news from ’round the home front.

In other, maybe more less “home” facing news, I might be plotting a few trips. One of the photo groups in which I sometimes participate (as infrequently as possible, actually) are going down the Texas coast, sometime in September. Look for a trip to Rockport/Fulton at some point in the near future. All that and I’ve started plotting some kind of “big trip” for the fall, though I don’t quite know where I want to go with that one as of yet.

Don’t worry, Doctor Who re-runs aside, “mars” is not an option.

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