This is Yellow

YellowFlowerInnards, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

A funny thing about color and me-I never think in terms of color yet, somehow, I always think in terms of color.

Let me explain. I go out into the world, and I see things in color. I’m very color-oriented. I’m actually very good with color, naturally good with it. I don’t try too hard and yet, somehow, I always end up with trippy, brightly colored images. The colors almost always work well together. It’s not something I’ve tried to improve, rather, I just really, really like color and work it when I can (which, well, it’s almost always, isn’t it?)

But I never label things or break things down in terms of color. I never think, “ok, today I’m going to go out and shoot something ‘yellow’ because I need something yellow.” I don’t really have favorite colors that I look for when shooting either. I have a friend who shoots a lot of red stuff. Another friend puts yellow things in the upper right hand side of an image. Not me, I’d never do that. I just shoot what I see and work with the color pallette I’m given, at any given moment.

I do think in terms of combinations of colors and I do alter my compositional style based upon “warm toned” or “cool toned” colors but I don’t actually go out and filter things based on color. I guess you could say I think in terms of groups of color and work at what goes well with other colors, rather than selecting or elminating one particular color above the rest.

Maybe I should work with color more, but I just don’t. But then, maybe I do and I’m not really aware of it. Like I do it on some level but not the one that’s busy designing, composing, editing, moving about and doing the “tripod dance” to adjust things.

The colors (yes, even yellow) somehow always just seem to fall into place.

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