Back to School Today

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The kids are going back to school today. It’s kind of funny watching them. They all wait on the corner, at the bus stop in the morning, for the bus. Sitting, waiting, loaded down with backpacks full of books (looking heavier than the kids themselves) twirling bits of string, bored, waiting for the bus to come, so they can be with all of their friends.

Austin, Mom’s dog, tries to eat children. He’s a bit wild. Chase, on the other hand, loves kids but he knocks them down. He loves to jump and, well, he just catapults himself on top of small children. Of course, once he gets up there, he just licks their faces but still, from half-pint stature, it must be kind of scary to see this giant furry black thing hurling at you. (Then again, maybe not. Some of the kids come up to him, point, and call him, “puppy.”)

Going back to school means it’s almost autumn. It’s actually a good time to enjoy the heat because, well, it’s not going to be here much longer. Where I live, once the storms start to stack up in the Gulf, the clouds grow, and we get cooler weather. The heat, though intense at times, starts to fade into fall once again.

Not to mention some leaves start to change and, as you can imagine, we all love it when that happens.

Here’s looking at you Mr. Autumn.

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