Outside of Phoenix

LandLikeLinesNo2, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

In Egyptian mythology, the Phoenix is a mythical sacred firebird that burns itself to death and then rises from the ashes. In Arizona, Phoenix is one very hot city. So hot, in fact, that parts of Phoenix have little to no vegitation. It’s a barren landscape, especially when viewed from above.

Looking at this photo, you’d almost suspect it was some kind of a macro shot-a close up of some kind in line drawing perhaps, or maybe detail from a painting. If you look carefully, you can see a mountain range in the lower left hand corner.

This is the desert outside of Phoenix, as seen from a jumbo jet. It’s very barren. Nothing grows here-nothing has, and probably nothing will for a long time.

I somehow doubt that anything will rise up from these ashes to live again but then, I’m a mere mortal, and my kind has been wrong about these things before, right?

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  1. Unknown
    July 14, 2007 / 3:35 am

    Very cool photo. Definitely barren.

  2. Carol
    July 16, 2007 / 5:01 am

    Thanks, Boliyou. Yes, it really feels like another planet or something.

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