SuburbanTileNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

One of the strange things about Phoenix is that a lot of the houses are alike. And, I don’t just mean alike, I mean exactly identically, incredibly alike. It’s almost like they clone them or something.

I can remember driving around Phoenix one time, driving past row after row, subdivision after subdivision of identical houses, thinking, “damn! If I got drunk tonight, I’d never make it home.” It’s true. If you even plan on getting drunk, don’t try to find a house in Phoenix. You’d never be able to tell yours apart from the neighbors.

They put them up in this grid like patterns too. It looks exactly like this, all over the city. Giant tile after tile, row after row, column after column of identical houses, all nestled neatly into suburbia.

Makes my eyes cross and my heart ache really.

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