Running Around

RunningChase, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This photo pretty much sums up my day today. I spent some time with dear Mom, had a great dinner and all, but had to go shopping. Got back and now there’s stuff around the house to do, plus I have tons of photography-related work piling up to which I must attend. I have to make some prints, send out some notifications, clear some compact flash (oh God, do I have to clear some compact flash) and a host of other things.

This shot is from “5th of May” which is a group “Flickr-gasm” involving everybody around the globe (actually, the “Flickr universe”) taking pictures on May 5th and then uploading them for our universal viewing pleasure. We’re not to be the only ones to share in this fun-am told that they have plans in the works to make a book and a slide show of sorts and some upcoming summer events. We’re only allowed to submit 1 (count ’em-1!) photo into the group pool and, sorry, Chase, this one probably won’t be mine but I thought you might enjoy taking a peek anyway. (Pretty much sums up my day. Hope yours is going better.)

To all the Moms out there…I hope you enjoy your day.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Until next time…


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