Flower Power

TwoBlowingRedFlowers, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

It’s been a really great year for some of the species of wildflowers that typically grow in Central Texas in the springtime. Especially black eyed susans and indian paintbrush flowers, although the juggernaut of all wildflowers from Central Texas, the bluebonnet, didn’t have a bad year either, come to think of it.

I may be the only one but I always like to add a little motion blur to my flowers. I love the sense of painting that you can get from standing still, shooting, and letting the wind do the work. I’m sure it’s not too popular-most folks probably prefer the “crispy sharp f-16” variety of flower, but still, it’s my blog and so I can embrace the blur every now and again, right?

Speaking of embracing, blur, and all that, I’ll be going out of town this weekend, taking a tour of some of the Central Texas wine making facilities. I’ve never shot a winery before, and I’m not quite sure my “soft, motion, blur, feminine” style is going to work with that kind of material so expect a big question mark all around. I figure though, it’s spring, it’s nice to get out, and it’s worth a shot (excuse the pun) so off I go. Shooting season, in these parts, is only so long, right? I’d best make the most of it before you “hear” me complaining of the heat and wild, free roaming blossoms like this are lone since dried up and wilted away.

So, it’s off I go to the winery. No telling when I’ll be back (if I’ll be back) how much compact flash I’ll have left (HA! Ok, I got that one. Um, let me see…how about….NONE!) and when I’ll post again, so please enjoy these two wild flowers of spring until I muster up enough foo to post again.

Oh, and it goes without saying but, should I completely go down in flames, at least I can take comfort in the notion that, heh, there’s WINE there. (Cheers!)

Until next hiccup….


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