Happy (Belated) Chinese New Year

PaperLantern, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Chinese New Year was last week and I didn’t even stop to celebrate. Happy New Year! Happy Pigging Out! Here’s a lantern for you!

They say that in China, around the time of the new year, people give envelopes of money to each other-it’s custom. Then again, they also say that half the currency of China gets tied up in little red envelopes because, well, so many people celebrate the New Year that way. One things for sure, it’s now the year of the pig, the envelopes have all been opened, the firecrackers shot off, and all the customs have been pushed aside. It’s time to go back to our bars, our temples, our open air markets, and where ever else we might just find outselves going.

It’s almost spring in River City. I can see the Red Bud trees starting to bloom and flowers are peeking out from all over the place.

Almost makes new years seem very, very last week.

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