This Would be a Good Time to Tell You…

Let’s see…here are some tidbits of information I thought I should share…

First off, Chase is afraid to walk outside when it’s icy. He sort of picks his feet up in funny little ways and can’t quite figure out what’s wrong with the grass. Poor little guy, hasn’t been for a real walk in days. I feel sorry for him actually, but he does get a bit peppier when he returns in from the cold.

Secondly, I finally (and I do mean *finally*) went to a Shutterbugs meeting. It was long. It was hard. It was long and hard. I did not make it all the way through, but, hey, I made an attempt. I was so *there* for all of an hour or so.

Finally, in (perhaps?) un-related news, I finished off what was left of the mint chip Haagen-Dazs. Yes, you read that right. No more mint chip. The image you see here, now, before your eyes, is, in fact, history.

I don’t know which is more lame, actually, me sitting here, locked in the house, with a full tub of ice cream and not a clean spoon in sight or the folks on flickr who keep favoriting my pictures of tubs of ice cream.

Hey, it’s not the lightng that makes it look tasty, silly.

Until next time…


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