Gothic Revival

TrentReznorsHouse2, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

As if their “wrap me in a serape and call me Maria while posing me next to giant white crosses on a hilltop as mission bells toll” video were not enough, my favorite of “murdering” bands as of late, The Killers, have a new video out. This time around, they go Gothic on us-the video was directed by the Goth-master himself, Tim Burton and features an array of dancing bones the likes of which the sleepy Mexican village of Oaxaca has not seen since, well, since that Dia de los Muertos heyday back in the 70’s.

No bones about it, seems like lately anyway everything Gothic is new again. Even The Killers, warring “It” band of late, My Chemical Romance, have gone Gothic in what I would have to call a freshly spawned wave of neo-Goth, the likes of which, I haven’t seen since, well, since that incident with Grandmother and the pitchfork. Yes, it appears to be true, everything Gothic is new again.

The Killers, really pulled it over on the My Chemical Romance, folks, if you ask me though, as Tim Burton, quite the master of the genre, came up with a Gothic playground scene in the video. Dead kids, bones, mermaids in the afterlife, what looks like a psychotic drive-in theater, it’s all there, man. Wow. I’m impressed. To quote the great philosopher Keanu Reeves, “Woah, dude.”

Speaking of Gothic, I got an email the other day telling me that this Gothic-style house, once belonging to Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame, was in fact sold to John Goodman, an actor whose work I was completely unfamiliar with until I received yet another email explaining that John Goodman is, in fact, the lollygagging fisherman/judge from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. This would be the same judge who was attempting to convict a fake Jesus of having some dope in his jacket (Call me crazy but “…He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus, but he [smokes] like a gentleman…” somehow doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.)

Ah Ha! Now we’re getting somewhere. You, my snowflakes, are finally starting to comprehend how dense I really am in terms of current “hip” events and happenings and have resorted to hurling pop culture references that even somebody as out of it as me can comprehend. Way to go, snowflakes. I’d thank you from the bottom of my little, cold, black, neo-Goth heart, if I could find it.

And, since we’re on the subject of all things Gothic, I should tell you that this is a dead Polaroid. I did it last year, fully intended to blog it at some point, and then never did. But, it’s Gothic, it’s in style yet again, and it’s as close to Tim Burton as I can probably get, although I do now wish I could do something dark and edgy with a swing set.

That’s killer, man.

Until next Gothic Revival…


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