Are We Afraid Yet?

Two Hanging Heads, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Do you believe in ghosts? How about wind chimes? (That’s what this is actually. In case you could not tell from the picture. And, no, they don’t gently blow in the breeze.)

Here’s an updated status:
# of words written: More than 4 pages.
# of caffeinated beverages: 1 (I’m a writer now!)
# of penguins: 4
# of penguins slated to be frozen to death by being locked in a freezer sitting in a boxcar on a moving train: 2
# of plots: -8 (we’re sinking!)
# of subplots: too many to count

Not having to watch Nicolas Cage re-runs on a psychotic TiVo: priceless

Until next time…


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