Learning New Brushstrokes

CloudForm9938, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This weekend was the Texas Photographic Society’s annual workshop roundup and auction. While I did not attend the auction (maybe next year) I did attend two all-day workshops this year. The first one was Scott Martin’s master printing class and the second, today’s selection, was an image transfer hands-on workshop.

All I can say, at this point, is, “wow.” These were two of the most incredible workshops I’ve been able to attend. Scott’s, while focused on printing, was packed with tips and tricks. Lots of good information from an expert in the field, so much so, my head felt like it was going to explode after a full day of “information overload.” We covered just about every aspect of how to put a piezo drop on a piece of paper that you could possibly imagine and now I have this strange urge to do a cynotype using a Burkholder negative. (Look for more on this later.)

Today’s workshop was a hands-on lab about transferring ink off of paper. Time to reverse everything and get that ink out of there. The instructor showed us lots of techniques and, just from today’s workshop, I was able to make an image on metal, paper, and canvas. I also made a few other keepers and learned a few techniques for transferring images. It was “play in the sink Sunday” for me today and I left with loads of ideas about how to transfer stuff off of paper and onto other things.

All this ink moving around the universe made me want to post today’s image. It’s more of a minimalistic image from my cloud series. Not much ink required to print this thing but, at least now anyway, if there were, you know I’d be all over it, coming and going.

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