Meet the Ambassador DELETE

BlueNWhiteManNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

The other day, while reading my email, this strange thought popped into my head (yeah, yeah, I know, “poor, lonely, clue” but, hold on, there’s more.)

If there ever really were an ambassador from Nigeria, how would he send or receive email?

By now, everybody’s got him in their spam filters, right? As soon as that email, any email really, starting with the phrase, “My name is Chad and I’m an Ambassador from Nigeria” gets received, it automatically goes into our delete queue. BAM! DELETE. No questions asked. I mean, we might start to read it but then, DELETE. We all know by now that it’s…DELETE. Don’t even get to finish the sentence…DELETE. Well, you get the idea. Most of us have never even met anybody from Nigeria and…DELETE.

And, with all the spyware and computer viruses running around the internet, why haven’t the Italians written some oh-so-stylish software that obliterates the hard drive of any would be hackers? If they did, why then, we could all call it “mobware.”

It could DELETE, oh nevermind.

Until next DELETE…


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