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From the “this just in” department, it appears that they are building a bank on the previously empty lot next to the new Mama Fu’s restaurant.

A bank? That freaking new Chinese restaurant is making so much freaking money that they need to put up a freaking bank next door-it’s very own branch office-so they don’t have too far to drive with the money they squeeze out of the local Kung Pao addicts. Damn! I’m in the wrong business, I tell you.

Maybe I should try to muscle in on some of this action? Hmmm. I *could* offer my services to help launder all the money, obviously made from putting too much freaking opium in the beef and broccoli. Sure, you laugh but, it’s beats any of those get rich quick schemes Ted’s been coming up with lately.

A bank. Geesh. What’s next? Are we going to find out that the new bank slogan is “‘Mama Fu’s Mutual Trust’ where all your ATM fees are belong to us.”

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