It’s Howdy Foodie Time

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(Or, Gourmet Cooking for the Lame and Culinary Impaired)

Did you know they have a name for all those folks who regularly tune in to watch celebrities like Rachael Ray and Bobby Flay (what’s with names that rhyme?) on the cooking channel? They’re called “foodies.”

Now, I’m not the greatest of chefs but I can whip up a few dishes that are passable and I’ve never really had a penchant for eating out much so, as you might guess, I’ll never become the consummate “foodie” but I have seen an occasional half hour show on the food network and I sometimes do watch HGTV long enough to be “up” on the latest in Yankee Apple Peeling Gizmos. Still, this food thing had me wondering. How long has it been since I’ve blogged about anything food related? (Sorry, Doritos don’t really count.)

Ok, so, here’s a few quick hits in the food department, brought to you from the self-proclaimed “queen of mac and cheese” (Remember, our motto here at Carol’s Little World is, “if it’s from a box, it can’t be that bad.”)

Since most of us skip breakfast, let’s start with lunch. My lunch is almost always frozen in a box for me, since I don’t have time to cook (and, well, now you know how I feel about boxes.)

Stouffer’s makes wonderful Lean Cuisine frozen foods, which I usually eat for lunch. Try their eggrolls and chicken potstickers, they’re great and almost taste “restaurant worthy.” Amy’s bowls are fantastic but pricey, so look for coupons and stock up when you can. Amy’s frozen pizzas are the best, bar none (makes sense, they come in a bigger box.)

I love anything with pesto in it, so much so that, if Nicolas Cage were to sneak up behind me and shout “Pesto!” I might actually refrain from screaming at him, “Rat Bastard! Where are my Law and Order re-runs?!?” just long enough to ask, “Pesto? Where?”

And, speaking of gourmet thespians, pesto, and the like, Paul Newman, the actor turned salsa peddler makes a mean pesto sauce but I make a meaner one. When I don’t have time, which is almost always, I “cheat” by starting with Knorr’s Creamy Pesto sauce mix packets. Not too much $$$ for some kickass pesto and, best of all, you don’t have to suffer through looking at stupid Paul’s face every time you open the ‘fridge. (Thank God Nicolas Cage doesn’t make salsa or the TiVo would have to raid the ‘fridge and then Time Warner really wouldn’t know what to unplug the next time my cable goes out.)

Speaking of salsa, current favorite salsa is On the Border’s medium (the mild is too mild and the hot is just not “tweaked” right) but don’t get their chips (we’re talking grease city here. Think more grease than John Travolta’s hair gel. Ick.) Go with Tostitos Round Gold (trust me, you won’t be sorry) or get those “hint of lime” ones for a twist (Think Pulp Fiction here folks.)

Wolfgang Puck’s soups are to die for as it white asparagus, which is in season now (Think of a can as a round metal box, if it helps.) It’s also almost time for peaches so get ready for some cobbler.

In the “I never met a carb I didn’t like” category, current favorite breakfast bars are Special K Strawberry and I really like that new Ronzoni half-wheat pasta (it’s better than Barilla’s and, trust me, I’d never thought I’d say that in mixed company.)

Face in the ‘fridge be damned, I miss Paul Newman’s Lemon Aided Iced Tea so much so that I started making my own. I buy one jug of Simply Lemonade, Tetley decaf large round tea bags, (Tetley’s better than Lipton for iced tea, trust me) and let my Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Pot (that name’s just wrong but the pot’s all right) do the rest. I mix them about half and half to make some refreshing lemony iced tea.

Flame grilled Boca veggie burgers are my current favorite, served on a wheat bun with lots of pickles (I’m a pickle-holic. Really I am. Got dill?) Those Boca people also make great fake sausages, which are best spicy and served with peppers, peppers, and more peppers.

Favorite coffee drinks are General Foods International Cappuccino Coolers, mixed with skim milk and a big stir. I have yet to try that new Coke beverage Blak. If you have strong feelings about it either way please drop me a note or comment (Do it or you’ll risk hearing me bitch about how you never leave any comments when I want you to. Well, it’s true. You don’t.)

What? Were you expecting filet mignon?

Until next meal…


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  1. Anonymous
    June 22, 2006 / 11:50 pm

    If you haven’t tried Coke Blak yet, here’s the skinny. I kinda tastes like an espresso-flavored coke (or maybe a coke-flavored espresso). Either way, it’s pretty good.

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