Reflections on being Left-Handed

DancingReflectionNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Are you left-handed? Know somebody who is? (Any “southpaws” out there?)

Perhaps it wasn’t obvious from looking at my series of reflections but, I am.

Left-handed people are used to reversing everything. We naturally see everything “backwards” from the way “ordinary” folks see things. Our entire lives, from early childhood-the time we first grasp out baby spoons in our left hands-through adolescence, when we learn how to work “right handed” tools-common items you take for granted, like can openers, scissors, and the like-all the way through adulthood, when we learn to drive “right handed” cars-we’ve learned to accommodate, to adjust, to reverse. We’re the mirrors of society who often go overlooked. (Sure, the world and history is filled with famous left-handed people but you never seem to think your neighbor, your friend, or anyone important like that would be one of *them* now, would you?)

It dawned on me today that this series of reflections is my opportunity to showcase things left-handed. Reflections, you see, are naturally “backwards,” just like me. Sometimes, they look quite fluid, sometimes, they resemble paintings more than photography, sometimes, they just don’t make any sense at all but they are, each and every one, a little piece of my left-handed world.

It’s a mixed up, crazy, upside down, backside front kind of a world in which we live. I hope you enjoy peeking into the mirror as much as I do.

Until next time…


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