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I once met a guy named Riley. I did not like him very much. He pulled my pigtails and made me cry. Of course, I was about 5 years old at the time, but still, anybody who pulled my pigtails was pretty mean in my book.

A million and one alligator tears later, I met some guy named Eric in a far away land. He had a friend named Bonnie, who grew up ’round the way where I used to live. Of course, Eric had many friends. He was quite a charming fellow who, most folks said, had a bit of a talent about him. Seems he might be able to play a few tunes on some old guitar every once in a while, when the mood struck him right, he fancied and all.

This is a picture of that chap named Eric, who once invited a few of his friends to come visit him in his far away land, to play some old tunes on old guitars.

This also happens to be a photograph of three of the greatest guitar players who ever lived.

Famous? Yes. But I’ll still remember them as the fellow who pulled my pigtails and made me cry when I was five, a polite British chap, and a funky lady from Westchester.

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