Happy Skinny Wednesday

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Yesterday was Fat Tuesday and I was so busy between my projects and my juried show that I forgot to mention it. Happy (Belated) Fat Tuesday, Y’all.

So, I hope you had a great time, got lots of beads, partied down last night and all because, well, today marks the beginning of lent. Today is the day we suffer from the hang over and forget that we were supposed to give up meat until Easter (or some such thing.)

[Now is the time to repent, you sinners. Or, um, at least pretend you gave up something for lent and wipe that ear-to-ear grin off your face. We all know you’re guilty of something, right? Yada yada, aren’t we all?]

Today is also the day they are sweeping up the empties in New Orleans. Gosh, I hope they had a grand time in the Crescent City last night because, as we all know, once that clock strikes midnight, the entire place turns into a pumpkin and it’s all over, even if the fat lady didn’t get a chance to sing yet.


Until next time…


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