It’s Got a (Possessed) Mind of It’s Own

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In the, “I wish it were square so I could stop coming back around to it” department, it would appear that my TiVo has changed it’s possessed mind yet again. (I’m not even going to speculate as to what might have come over it. Really, I’m not. Bean dip, anyone?)

Now, it would appear, it’s not satisfied recording Nicolas Cage movies all day, every day, no, it actually wants more out of life, so, it seems, it’s started recording EVERYTHING. Not just Law and Order re-runs, not just the crafting programs I sometimes watch, not just depressing movies featuring hookers who don’t wash, not just Cher’s nine foot long curly black mop of hair and her fake-New York accent, but EVERYTHING. Sometime about two days ago, it started recording really odd things-shows like Lassie Come Home and The Price is Right. Now it’s just gone completely berserk and it’s just green lighting every freaking program on television. (I didn’t even know they still play Wheel of Fortune. Really, I didn’t. Sure you don’t want some bean dip?)

So, I figured that, it’s time once again for me to harass you with another vote and, since my TiVo’s been a little…let’s just say…odd (completely FREAKING WHACKED IN THE HEAD really) as of late, I thought, being the enterprising wench I am, that I would combine these two events.

Today, my little snowflakes (hey, it beats calling you “wenchettes” right?) I bring you my latest poll:


Here are you choices (in an order that’s somewhat chronologically inept since tomorrow):

  • The “Everything all the Time” TiVo-Vote for this if you think I should just let it run amok and record anything it wants. “Come on Down” and watch, Lassie wasn’t such a bad show.
  • All Nick all the Time-Drapes be damned, tune into that stockpiled Cage-fest. Like Nickelodeon TV only with “bitch slappin'” Cher and hookers who don’t wash their hands.
  • The Murderous One-Sure, it spawned Jeffrey Dahmer biopics but, hey, at least I had Law and Order re-runs, right? (Sorry, “Get Out of Jail Free” card not included.)
  • The Pre-possessed not yet demonic ordinary one-Ok, so it wasn’t very “blog worthy” but, hey, it would get me to shut up, right? And, besides, I think it did record Law and Order once or twice. (Although, I can’t remember, really. It was so many murders ago.)
  • Steve’s-Even a cursed one, that cannot easily change channels, and appears to bear a strange preference for Pauley Shore, would be better than that contraption I’ve got setup in my living room. (Yeah, yeah, rock breaks scissors. Hey, at least I can flip channels on mine. That is, if Time Warner ever stops unplugging toasters long enough to give me any.)
  • And, finally, None-Go read a book. Or, better yet, take more pictures. (Not much fun but, then again, it’s your choice now, right?)

So, there are your choices. Remember, my website is always true, “Chicago-style” voting (early and often, if you please.)

I’ll post the results if I don’t get my head trapped in the VCR.

Until next time…


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  1. Anonymous
    February 2, 2006 / 2:32 pm

    Everything all the you can watch what you want

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