The Last Picture Show

WhiteBldgBalconyR, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Here’s the last one from my list…

1. The Wizard of Oz-yes, it’s true, I know what’s behind the curtain, I’ve seen the magical wizard, the yellow brick road, the lion, the scarecrow and the tin man, and I know that many of you lament over the fact that I’m just mad because a house fell on my sister. Whatever. Now you know all the movies that I’ve seen, you little munchkins so take your flying monkeys and go off and be prettys somewhere else, ok?

What, were you expecting more? Maybe if I could stop roasting toadies in my cauldron, I’d actually have time to go to a movie theater again. (Look out for low flying popcorn and, it goes without saying, monkeys everwhere.)

Until next flick…

PS Maybe, for my next trick, I’ll present a list of my favorite photographers-ah, now there’s a topic I actually know something about.


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