White Cupola Crazy Woman

GD-WhiteCupola, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Ok, so it’s getting really close to my trip and I’m WAAAAY behind on all the things that I need to do. That’s ok though because, well, that’s how it always seems to be when I travel. I always seem to be running around at the very last minute, stocking up on Compact Flash, trying to squeeze in a haircut, doing laundry, dropping off crap at the Post Office, and the like. If it weren’t for the last minute crazies, methinks, nothing would ever get done.

This was taken in the Garden District in New Orleans, not in the rain, but on a sunny day. You can almost see a hint of blue sky blue if you squint and look really hard. I don’t know why this cupola wasn’t full of swallows, doesn’t it look like just the perfect nesting spot to you? Crazed little birds always seem to attack my house and leave the likes of these alone. Well, I suppose that, in the grand scheme of things, they too are just getting ready to go fly away. (Steeple full of swallows, anyone?)

So, right now, as I type this, I am dog sitting for Austin, burning Compact Flash (archiving to CD,) making contact sheets, prepping an IPhoto Book, thinking about dinner, ripping more music for the long day’s flight into tomorrow, and doing laundry. It’s so crazy around here that, if Nicolas Cage himself walked in, I’d probably just pass him a laundry basket, scream at Austin to stop chewing on his leg, and casually ask him why he doesn’t look more like John Goodman (not that I know what he looks like either, mind you.) Oh, and I’d ask him to go eject some Trent Reznor Nine Inch Nail CDs from my crazy pod burning PC all the time chewing on a power bar, since I’ve hardly any time to make dinner. (Gosh, I sooo need a beer.)

Mr. Cage, whatever you look like, I sure hope that, in your next movie, you’ve got like six hands. They can do that with special effects now, can’t they?

Until next Photoshop…


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