Creole Man in Leaves

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Last night I printed some of the work that I want to enter into some upcoming shows (in September.) I actually had some better luck using the Epson Scrapbook paper that Kathy recommended, than I did with the Velvet Fine Art. I think that the Velvet Fine Art has a really nice name but that the paper actually sucks. I’m so glad that Kathy has tried out so many papers and can give me advice.

I think too that Kathy and I both have “paper fetishes” and get really picky about the type of paper that we use. At least there’s a wider choices of paper available now, since I got a newer printer. They even make a, gasp! Ilford Pearl for my printer.

I love that paper. I have always loved Pearl. It was my favorite paper when I worked in the darkroom and, I suspect, it will be at or near the top of the list when I use the Epson printers (now that it’s avaiable for them.) It’s just so shiny but soft, it punches colors but it’s still dreamy. It’s got all the “good” qualities of glossy paper but none of the bad (fingerprints aren’t the end of the world.)

Epson makes a semi-gloss that I have tried and liked as well. I may pickup a box of each and have a “print off” to see which is better.

Yeah, ok, I’m buying and trying all different kinds of paper for my wide body printer, and having a blast doing it.

“Hello, my name is Carol and I’m addicted to…paper…?”

Until next jam…


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