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This was taken on Memorial Day, in the rain, in the French Quarter. I like what the rain does to the sidewalks, but I’m not certain if I like the truck or not. I’m leaning towards not, but that’s just me. I tend to not like visual clutter. Still, this is kind of a not bad shot, since it shows off a little bit of the street, and I like the look of the neon in the poster gallery.

I went gallery/museum hopping this weekend, and caught Annie Leibotwitz’s show at the Austin Museum of Art downtown. I wanted to say a few words about there here.

Since most of you reading this probably know me (or perhaps, for those of you who don’t) you know that I tend to be positive and upbeat about photography and art in general. If I happen upon something I don’t like, sure I’ll voice an opinion, but I just sort of “move on” and “get over it” pretty quickly. My lifespan on this planet is just too short for me to fuss over what I consider mediocre artwork or things that are not to my taste.

Fast forward to Annie L.’s show. I’m not a fan of her work. I never have been, and never will be. I just don’t like it. I don’t know how else to describe it, I just don’t care for it. Some people like red, some like blue (if it helps, think of it like that.) Chalk it up to personal taste, and just move on, I’ve got better things to do then to rant and rave about how bad an art show is.

Even having said that, it wasn’t a bad show. There were about 4 or 5 pieces in it that I actually really liked and I personally enjoyed seeing a modern female photographer present an exhibition of that size and importance in my town. It was refreshing, even if I didn’t care for every last image in the lot. It was worth seeing.

(I have a better shot of BB King then she presented, but her shot of Preservation Hall came out pretty sharp and, I’d have to admit, she did much better than I did on that one.)

Sometimes, you can find inspiration in the strangest of places, if you look hard enough and, sometimes, you just have to learn to appreciate what’s in front of your face. (What’s that they say about lemons and lemonaide? Oh yeah, if God hands you a bowl of lemons, make lemon beer.)

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