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I must be crazy. Right after I posted how I like to do scary stuff, I’ve been in a “soft, mellow” mood and put up two harmless shots. What’s next? The visual equivalent of ABBA music?

My horoscope is really scary today:

“She who dies with the most toys, wins” may well be your philosophy of life, CAROL. And today you certainly move ahead in the race, as you add yet another technological wonder to your home. What is it this time? A scanner, a digital camera or a DVD player? Or all of the above. It’s a small indulgence for all the hard work you do. If these things really give you such pleasure, then you deserve to have them!”

All of the above? Crap, I don’t have enough extension cords. It’s off to Fry’s for me…

But wait, isn’t that where I might just run into the new gadgets? Hmmm.

Speaking of new gadgets, I have come up with another potential ipod engraving: “This ain’t magic, stick that quarter back in your ear.”

I kind of like it, except that I would prefer the longer version, “This ain’t no magic trick…” but the ipod folks have this thing about 27 characters.

I just got a call from Ted and I’m literally talking on the phone as I type. He’s telling me some wild tale of FBI agents and a wanted man out near his office by the lake. Crazy Ted and the crazy wanted man by the lake. Too bad we can’t limit nut jobs to 27 characters apiece.

But, then again, that would cut me and my ipod right out of the picture.

Until next time…


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