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Here’s another rose for you.

Yesterday was quite the day. It was almost “triple blog worthy” (and, yes, you can quote me on that.)

In the morning, I went to the break room for coffee and ran into the “break room guy” (fellow who services our $10,000 latte machines. You know the ones…they look just like the ones they have in Starbucks because, well, they ARE just the ones they have at Starbucks.) He told me that, in the past three years, the folks at Motive have gone through 70,000 shots of cafe.

70,000 shots. Now, that’s a lot of coffee. I sat down and actually did some math, and this is what I came up with.

Assuming there are about 200 working days a year (and we only drink coffee here when we work) and there are 300 people at motive, that’s 116 shots per day. We have, I think, three of these machines (one on each floor) so that’s 348 cups of coffee per day. Assuming some folks don’t drink the stuff at all (although, apparently, not many) that’s more than 1 cup a day per person.

Harumph! Take that you decaf swilling wimps! (This, of course, doesn’t begin to count all the sodas we go through. Man, this is one highly caffeinated place.)

So, it’s pretty safe to say, “Welcome to Motive. WE’RE WIRED”

In maybe not so important but still blog worthy news, my mother found a parrot in the yard yesterday. It landed (thump!) in her tree. Yes, that kind of a parrot. No, it didn’t talk. In typical “food pimp” fashion, she gave it water and feed it cheerios. (Note to self: if you ever happen across a wild parrot, they appear to really take a liking to cheerios.)

They eventually called animal control who came with butterfly nets (you know the ones, the ones that they use to drag away crazy people too? Yeah, those nets.) They captured “Mr. Green” and took him to a vet because, I’m not making this up, his beak was too long.

So, if you’re a long-beaked green big bird, don’t go flying around Cedar Park, TX. Unless, of course, you want to be dragged away by grown men carrying butterfly nets. Oh the humanity!

To round out the set I ended the day yesterday by getting new speakers to go with my new home theater setup. I finally got me some b&w speakers. I’ve always liked them best and now I’m a proud owner. Maybe I listen to some Jimmy Buffet, in honor of the green winged friend and former occupant of the yard.

Phew! I’m tired now. I could sure use a cup of coffee. (I guess this makes 70,001)

Until next time…


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