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This rose is for Toby.

On Wednesday, little Toby was not feeling well. Yesterday, my folks took him to the vet and the news was not good, he had leukemia and was bleeding to death. They had to put him down yesterday around noontime.

We had him only 6 months. He was cute as a button. He loved to walk and he had a favorite chair in the house, which now seems quite empty.

He loved it when you pet him under his chin. If you didn’t pet under his chin, he would make what I used to call his “fish face,” he’d lift his little head up and open and close his mouth, almost like he was barking into thin air without making a sound. It was his way of saying, “somebody please pet my chin!”

Sometimes, when he sat on the floor, he used to stick his right leg out- only his right leg, never his left. For this, I called him “lefty.”

He had a way of pushing out of the door or house. He always had to be first, and push ahead of Charlie. If he didn’t get out first, and Charlie was ahead of him, he would cry. For this, my folks used to call him, “Toby the Terrorist.”

Well all miss Toby. He had such cute little ways about him and he was such a good dog.

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