CementSink, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Ok, so maybe it’s not really a sink. If anybody knows what this really is, please do let me know. I’m curious.

The light on it looks sort of “dramatic” and almost “Holy.”

Speaking of all things Holy, we appear to have a new Pope today. Yes, it’s true, the conclave blew up it’s white smoke, the bells at the Vatican wrang out, and the crowd cheered. Pope Benedict the 16th is now “in session” or whatever it is that Pope’s get into these days.

He wouldn’t be so happy about the gig if he knew what happened to the first 15 right? (just kidding, just kidding.)

I’m happy we have a new Pope. But, I did wonder, what happened after John Paul II passed away and before this entire conclave thing started up? I mean, who took over all of his Popely duties? The Pope must have duties right? I mean, he is the Pope and all.

It would kinda suck to be the “fill in/substitute” Pope and “serve” only until that conclave voted, wouldn’t it?

But, I guess it’d be cool to be able to walk around and say, “I was Pope for a day!”

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