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Step right up! Get your cookies right here!

The Baked Goods Cart saw fit to actually DELIVER me a cookie today. Yes, you read it right. I didn’t even have to get up out of my fat, lazy chair. The pastries came to me. Just when I started working out again too.

So, today I was going to make up a list of stuff I need to buy. I started writing and my mind drew a blank. I hate it when that happens. I bet there’s a sniglet for that as well, too bad I can’t remember what it’s called.

The good folks at have started making extension tubes for the lensbabies. I hardly know where to begin with this one.

Normally, I avoid extension tubes at all costs. They make your lens soft and blurry. But, a lensbaby actually is a soft and blurry lens so wouldn’t an extension tube actually make it better? I’m so confused.

Dan is so right. Why do we spend thousands of dollars on state of the art camera gear only to blur it all up anyway? Why not just start cheap?

How does that old doors song go? “People are strange when you’re a stranger…”

Until next cookie…

PS This was from the secret garden and the cookies were peanut butter and chocolate chip.


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