TapestryDressForm, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This one’s a little scarier. I think it’s because of the “tilt,” the way the form is “standing” that it kind of looks almost like real woman (except for, of course, the missing head.) I love the touch of the fabric covering up the amputated neck. What a touch of class it brings to my little world, don’t you think?

This image has a definate “Carol” look to it though. Pretty colors, muted composition, and just shy of psychotic.

I don’t know why but, somehow, almost magically, I always seem to have a hint of evil in my work. I told somebody one time that, if I had to describe my stuff, the closest I could come is, “Painted brown, very familiar, almost scary, with a hint of a dark side.” That’s probably pretty close to the money actually. It’s at least somewhat accurate.

One time, I went shooting with some friends. Glenda, one of the ladies on the trip, and I shot at this old carousel. After a good day of shooting, we returned to Austin and, a few weeks later, we compared our work.

She had all these “pretty” pictures, stuff that looked appropriate for a child’s bedroom wall. Lots of pretty, dancing, painted horses, bright colors, ribbons flying through dreams of unicorn-like mystical beasts. You could almost imagine riding that carousel with happy music playing in the background, young children frolicking about it and all.

My images all had fangs and were close-ups of mean looking animals, like lions, tigers, and bears. Glenda, after looking at my stuff said, “Oh look! Carol found Hell…” Same as it every was, I suppose.

I guess it’s just in the way that you see things. I guess it’s just the way you look up at the sky, the light, the horizon, and dream your own little dream. Some folks see bright, pretty things, some find the melancholy, and some, like me, get a free preview of the latest Freddy and Jason freak show.

Scary thing though, it was the same carousel.

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