Let’s Talk about Hex

Let’s Talk about Hex

The other day, my friend Steve was telling me about all the new ubercool Tivo features, like the web interface and the season pass, so we decided we’d go “Tivo shopping” together. We ended up both getting one of these Tivos from the same online merchant at approximately the same time. I think, if you had to clock it, I put my order in just a few seconds shy of his.

So, later in the day, Steve IMs me to tell me that, “hey’s it’s shipped!” So I’m thinking, “cool beans, Tivo’s on it’s way.” Not so fast, amigos. My order is listed as being in the state of “Processing,” it hasn’t shipped and it’s not on it’s way to me. Steve’s, on the other hand, has arrived in Austin sometime today, although he’s only received half of it (the other half, it appears, is also in “Processing” limbo. I take it his network adapter is too busy mating with my Tivo DVD burner to allow itself to be delivered.)

“I’m sure some 900 lb. gorilla will deliver it to your door,” I told him as he gloated about his shipping status, “in little bits and pieces. Either that or your hard drive’ll lock up and record nothing but soap operas or Pauley Shore re-runs.”

Now, I know I should be adult about this. I know I should be happy for Steve, and I know I’ve waited this long for Tivo, I can wait another week or two. But, somehow, him getting his and mine being in a perpetual state of limbo has me screaming, “I want my Tivo!” That, plus the fact that you just expect some kind of justice from on-line merchants. I mean, I put my order in BEFORE his, right? So why isn’t it being delivered FIRST?

Steve, meanwhile, is claiming that I’ve put a hex on his new Tivo. (Notice I said “new” Tivo, as he already has one Tivo, which he calls his “old” Tivo. How can Tivo’s be OLD?!?!)

So, today I come into work and go to get coffee (this will be a blog for another day, rest assured) when I notice that the latte machine at work (like I said, blogger fodder alert!) wasn’t working. I was faced with the choice of having some hazlenutty-flavored almost decaf sludge or crawling upstairs, to the third floor, land of the “working” latte machine.

My Tivo-less caffeine deprived ass has never felt so lame. Oh the horrors of it all! The Humanity! The lack of caffeine!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must be off to put some safety pins into an oddly Tivo-shaped electronic voodoo doll.

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