Ego Surfing Dude

Ego Surfing Dude

I went Christmas shopping yesterday. I went to Fry’s and got a few things for my friends (most of my friends want stuff from either Fry’s or Precision Camera and, Lord knows, I can’t afford to go NEAR that place. Although, come to think of it, Fry’s is approaching the off-limit mark as well.) So, after I got home from my electronic/gadget shopping spree, I plunked my butt down to wrap my newly acquired gifts (just in the nick of time too. Phew!) I put the TV on to keep myself company during the arduous and oh so boring task of wrapping Christmas gifts which, if you ask me, ranks right up there with watching cement dry and cleaning lint out of the dryer.

There was some show on TV I’d never seen before, and probably will never see again (well, ok, maybe not until next Christmas when I’ll have to shop on Monday night and wrap stuff then too.) It was about this guy who tried to pickup a girl who, as luck would have it, just visited a website devoted to how horrible the guy was. As predictable, the guy goes home from the bar (empty handed) and googles himself only to find he’s got an entire web ring devoted to how bad he is which, in turn, got me to thinking. (Yes, it does take that much momentum to get me thinking but, alas, this is a blogger entry for another day.)

Most people-and you know who you are-ego surf. We can’t collectively pass on the temptation to google our own names to find out all the who, what, when, where, why’s of our web-lives. It’s just human nature. Sometimes we find stuff that’s cool, sometimes we find stuff that’s boring or predictable, sometimes, I imagine, we find out we really don’t even exist at all (how many of us have a website which nobody really reads and have like 1 or 2 links to their names? Good, I knew I wasn’t alone.) But, sometimes, if we’re in the 15 minute “zone” of fame, I suppose, we happen upon what I would have to call the ultimate in ego surfing: the hate site.

I mean, stop and think about this. Most of us don’t really even exist on the web, right? Yet some few, some select “famous” or “worthy” few, have not only entire web universes devoted to their presence, with their fans posting daily to message boards bestowing their greatness, no they’ve taken it a step further-they have web HATERS who actually take the time to post about how bad they are. You know the type of websites I’m talking about-stuff like or (I’m just guessing this websites exist, click through at your own risk, please.) I mean, anybody who finds you so loathsome that they are inspired to put the word “sucks” into their domain name in your honor raises you to a new echelon in my book.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go create before you beat me to it.

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