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Out of Time

Usually, when it’s Friday, I run out of stuff to do at the end of the week. Fridays tend to be really slow for me, especially as I usually work late or pump stuff out earlier in the week, typically Monday or Tuesday. But this week is different. It appears that this week, I’m out of week at the end of the stuff rather than being out of stuff at the end of the week. Still, I guess it’s better than being out of month at the end of the money, which also has happened to me before and I can assure you that’s not a pretty place to be. At least, given these set of circumstances, I can always just work late or take stuff home to work on over the weekend.

My folks got back from Shreveport, LA and got me a T-shirt which reads, “Send More Tourists. The Last Ones Were Delicious.” It also features a picture of an alligator chomping down some skulls and bones. Now you know what kind of family I come from. Actually, I rather like the shirt and decided to wear it today, mostly because it was clean and I thought it cute. The ‘gator is kind of cute for a graphic.

Just got back from lunch at the Texican Cafe with Mohinder and Manzoor. Mohinder has accepted a position with the company that makes Quark Express (it’s called “Quark” for those on the slow and narrow.) It’s also probably safe to assume that now you know where I’ll be working next, as Mohinder and I share something along the lines of five jobs. At least they make an interesting product and seem like a cool company, so that’s good news. He’ll be dividing his time between Dever, Austin, and India, where he maintains his family home. After talking with him, it sounds like an ideal position for him, so I’m very pleased that things appear to have worked out well for him, although I will miss seeing him around Sun. He’s a great guy to work with and I’ll miss that.

Latest news is that Martha landed her bad self five months in the pokey for her improper stock dealings. On the whole, what with the war in Iraq, Brittney’s knee surgery, Janet’s boobs, and all, Martha probably got the raw end of the deal, but that doesn’t make what she did right. She should have just copped a plea, paid a fine, and been done with it. I’m convinced she’s paying the price for her arrogance and, on those grounds, she deserves all that she got and probably more.

Reminds me of that old Tom Jones’ song, “She’s a Lady” An improper lady, I suppose, but a lady nevertheless.

Until next time…

PS Google/Blogger/ThePowersThatBee appear to have stung me with a chang to the interface for this blogger thing so, if this post should happen to appear in a different font, all squiggly, or just not making sense at all, don’t blame me (well, I’ll take credit for the “not making sense” part of it, but only if I have to and only on ALTERNATE Fridays, how’s that?)


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