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No Felony Bagels, No, Not Today

I opted instead to avoid the entire ghetto scene up at the ritzy Avery Ranch subdivision and instead hit Tuscany, the pseudo-Italian cafe (complete with fake tile walls!) near work. I had lunch with Steve today.

Steve has started his new job and is actually quite happy. Unlike many folks who transitioned out of the “dot bomb” bubble, Steve emerged with a “real” job. By “real” I mean, he is working in his chosen field, for more money then he had last year, doing a job with more responsibility. Kind of hard to come by such a beast these days but it can be done, I suppose, if you are not lazy, stupid, or got caught up in a rotten dot com (not to be confused with rotten.com which is in a league all it’s own.) Horray for Steve. Now get back to work.

For the rest of us, trapped in cubicle Hell, complete without any windows, doing crappy jobs we really don’t care for, there’s always good fantasy and fiction. For myself, I happen to feel I’m trapped in QA Hell and will never emerge again with a codebase, but I’ve decided I want to get back into photography and start doing more interesting things, like paiting again. I don’t mind weathering the oh-so-crappy job as long as I have some quality down time with which to paint or take pictures. I suppose it’s all part of life’s little trade offs, right?

At least I didn’t try to eat in the cafe at work. Phew!

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