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Modest Mouse

There’s been this song I keep hearing on the radio. I kind of like it, in a cliched anthemy kind of way. For a long time, I didn’t know what it was called or who sang it. I just kept hearing it, and in the strangest of places too. I was in a toy store and it came on over the loudspeaker. I was in a train station and it came on in the distance. I heard it blaring from a passing car when I was stuck in traffic the other day. That sort of thing. It just keep popping up, without warning, at the oddest times.

Turns out the song is by a band called “Modest Mouse.” The lyrics are about “floating on” which I found rather amusing. Not the greatest of songs, but I was getting a little froke out about how it kept just turning up in the strangest of places at the oddest times.

Speaking of modesty, I was talking with somebody at work the other day and he said that he thought guys were not very modest. I think he even said something along the lines of “guys don’t usually care, they just let it all hang out.” I think this is incorrect. I know a lot of guys who are modest. More modest than women, in fact.

So, I was talking with a friend yesterday and I mentioned the conversation. “Do you think women are more modest than men?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said, “most men probably aren’t but, those who are, probably trump the women.”

That’s true. But we still came the conclusion that men can be more modest than women, it just depends on the particular man and woman in question. Which brought me to the stage where I’m at now. The particular person, who is of the opinion that men are not as modest as women, will not take to me telling him he’s wrong. Just won’t listen sort of a thing. Ok, so I will just deal with it and not say anything about this particular point, but it can make things difficult.

How do you communicate if another person just refuses to see your point of view? Some programmers are so pig-headed they just don’t see the forest for the trees. Is it worth the fight? In this case, maybe no, but, can you just keep accepting it? I suppose I can but that’s because I’m too busy being an artist to care about the “right/wrong” labels. And this is so much more important to me than what anybody has to say. Go ahead, have your “right,” as long as I get to paint, I don’t really care.

Do I? Should I? Think I need to just pick my battles and deal with the consequences?

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