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Tonight It’s Time for Sex

Tonight they are going to start the re-runs of Sex in the City and I’ve decided that I want to watch at least one of these shows, so I can find out what the fuss is all about. I know, I know, it’s not like real sex, but then, how can I say I know what it’s like if I’ve never seen it?

I think I need to watch more than just Law and Order re-runs with the occassional Trading Spaces thrown in for good measure. I think I should expand my horizons and reach for something out of my range. I think Sex in the City might be just my cup of tea. I mean, I grew up in NY and the promos look rather funny so, why not?

“It’s all about the shoes,” they tell me. Hey, that’s all that much more reason to like it. I mean, I have more than my fair share of shoes. I just love the shoes. I love having a host of shoes and enjoying collecting different pairs. I can’t wait to watch and check out their wardrobes too. I’m really looking forward to this if, for nothing more than, it’s a divergence for me. It’s something completely different for me to latch onto and enjoy. Kind of like cooking, only I don’t have to get flour on my chin.

Would you watch it again if you could? Did you watch it the first time at all? Do you think dating in NYC is really like that? How many shoes do YOU have in the back of YOUR closet? Do they have a HIM on this show?

And finally, the most important question…

Was it as good for you as it will be for me?

Until next time…


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