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Skip the Shoes and Go Barefoot

Sex and the City was as much about the shoes and clothing as it was about the women sitting around, sipping martinis, and talking about men. I mean, they even mention famous brand names and the like. Which gets you to wonder, what is it women really like? I mean, if they sit around talking about men and shoes, but they talk about how much they hate men, they must really like shoes, right? The mind boggles.

I was reading this link about the new film festival in Maui. No, Sarah Jessica Parker was not there, but it got me to thinking. Would I rather have a closet of leftover shoes from Sex and the City or a week on the beach where I could kickoff any footware at all and enjoy myself. I think, if given the choice, I’d definately opt for the shoe-less experience in the tropics. I mean, you can cramp your poor dogs into torture devices anytime but, spending a week with a cabana boy and not even a flip flop sounds more like fun to me. Of course, the determining factor may very well be the cabana boy. But, it still makes for an interesting challenge.

There’s something romantic about going barefoot on the beach. We have these vignettes of lovers walking amidst the palms, leaving two sets of footprints, rolling up our pants and dipping our toes into the surf. The reality of it is that it’s hot and wet and there’s lots of seaweed and broken bottles. Much like Sex and the City, sometimes the fantasy is so far off, it’s better to just close the entire book.

Even so, I bet the cabana boy would leave a nice set of tracks.

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