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I Miss Brother Ray

Found out today some sad news. Seems Ray Charles has passed away. He was one of the greatest and he will be missed. I had the pleasure of hearing him sing live Hoagy Carmichael’s “Georgia on My Mind” and it was one of those magical moments I will cherish. You can study music, you can read over books, and formulate chord changes until you are blue in the face but, until you really feel it, experience it the way he did, it’s just not the same. To hear somebody like Ray Charles sing live makes you completely forget about all the book knowledge music entails and just go with your heart.

I had lunch with Steve today. He looks good. He’s happy. Not working for IBM, heck, not even working, but happy. Sometimes you just need the down time, I suppose. I’ve been very slackerly in my studies and need to get back to them. Steve has reminded me of this. Steve reminds me of a lot but neither of us seem fit to do anything about our reminders.

I was talking with somebody else the other day about men, my life, and the general state of being. Seems everybody (except for maybe me) is in agreement that I need to prepare standard issue clubs to give out to potential dating material. I just don’t play very well with others, don’t pickup on the subtle hints when somebody wants to go out with me. I don’t place the dance very well, I can’t even find the down beat. So, we’ve collectively decided that I need to hand out standard issue clubs and, should a man happen to want to go out with me on something that closely resembles an actual “date,” he could, rather than try to coyly ask, just club me over the head. It’d be easier, less painful, and I’d know for certain that he were interested. Don’t you think it a wonderful idea (except for the part that it might actually physically hurt, but he could be kind of gentle if he were nice?) Gives a whole new meaning to the term “clubbing,” doesn’t it?

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