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I Had it All Along

In the penultimate point of stupidity yesterday, I realized that, all along mind you, I actually had my purse. It was left in the back seat of my car. I know, I know, it sounds crazy (“how could you do that?”) but, there is some kind of (ever so slight) logic behind it. You see, pursie is black, jacket is black, both were in back seat, which is (no not black but close) dark grey. So this goes a long way to explaining a lot (or maybe not.) Sigh. I had it all along and never knew. Kind of like a talent for knotting cherry stems in your mouth, it’s just one of those “little things” that defies explanation yet seems so irreverently poignant at the time.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I can’t tie cherries either. I must be content with just sucking on those little red stems.

Found this little gem about Reagan giving Hamilton the boot on the ten spot. Not quite sure what to make of this. Few today even remember enough history to know who Hamilton was but, that Reagan ten, that has got to be the most goofy assed looking ten dollar bill I’ve ever seen.

The entire issue raises a question for me. Until this point, “success,” and I mean true SUCCESS with a capital S, in the field of photography probably was defined as obtaining a Pulitzer or some such award. Having a prez’s face on the greenbacks adds an entirely new spin to the whole pinnacle of success doesn’t it? I mean, imagine the claim to fame the photog has? “See that ten in yer wallet? Why, I took that!”

Nice shot, buddy, nice shot. Congats, man, you’re the one who grabbed the shot of the prez who looks as goofy as a crossed eyed cat in oncoming traffic. Just what the world needs. More photographs of straight white men and the lemmings who love them.

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