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Strange New Music

I’m listening to some new music in the office today. It just came over the radio. Hard to describe but I sort of like it. Sounds a little bit like Whiskeytown or possibly an obscure Bruce Springsteen cover song. Definately, I’m thinking early Ryan Adams (Whiskeytown) Also heard Pete Yorn in the car on the way into work today. That odd song that goes like this, “…it’s a strange condition/a day in prision/knocked me out of my head/and I just don’t know….” It’s catchy although the prision lyric is a bit jarring. I would like to see Pete Yorn someday, as I’ve heard he’s a very good live performer.

Something someday once reminded me of an old ‘Mats tune. Strange thing about the ‘Mats, they almost became more popular after they broke up. Another strnage thing about the ‘Mats is they were famous for being sloppy and lazy. They struck this rather odd medium, somewhere between horrible playing but heartfelt. It was almost like they were too bad to be good while being too good to be bad at the same time. I suppose it’s the songs that we all related to, although you could argue there’s something appealing about the semi-punk “I don’t play very well, but I’m going to anyway” personae. Still though, on the whole, they weren’t all that bad as performers and the songs were really tight. Amazing lyrics, wouldn’t you say?

I still have several David Gray albums in my amazon.com wish list. Don’t know how they stayed in there for so long, as I’m surprised I have yet to pick them up or remove them. But, there they sit, I suppose for infinity (or until my wish list expires, whenever that should happen to be.)

Talking Heads is next up on the box. Always liked them. Speaking in Tongues was a favorite album from high school days. Hard to believe that I’m really the old and they’ve really been broken up for all that long. I always thought it would be a dream ticket: Talking Heads opening up for Steely Dan. Now there’s a show I’d go see.

“Once there were parking lots, now it’s a peaceful oasis…I miss the honky tonks, dairy queens, and seven-elevens”

I suppose Ken would really hate that (having his DQ replaced by an “oasis”) I mean, where would he get his Blizzards and use his coupons for free iced cream?

“You got it.”

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