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Ack! I’m so Confused

So they have redesigned the blogger.com website which, in case you did not know, is the host site for Carol’s Little World. So now it’s safe to say that I’m amazingly confused and feel quite out of sorts. It’s quite a big change, for a hardly recognize how or where I’m supposed to post. I’m sure it will be better and easier in the end but, for now anyway, it’s really made me feel loopy.

Speaking of feeling loopy, is there some kind of a sniglet for that state of affairs I like to call “web Hell?” You know how you keep clicking and going back and winding up at the wrong page but not quite sure how to get to the web page you really want? I like to refer to this as “web Hell.” There must be a sniglet.

I’m certain there’s also a sniglet for those little plastic things that keep the price tags on garments and those big white plastic things that make the alarms go off should you happen an attempt at shoplifing. There just must be. I can sense it. If there isn’t, there probably should be one. I bet Wynona Ryder knows what they are.

Speaking of all things Wynona, I got my Mom a coffee pot for Mother’s Day. I was also going to get her a picture frame for her kitchen, but she wouldn’t let me. I’m glad that I picked up the coffee pot on Friday in the evening, as I was able to enjoy my flavorful French Kisses all weekend long. Yum. I’m loving that flavored coffee. And I’m happy that Mom loves it too, although she’s rather upset at me for leaving my, ahem, “used” Java pod in the coffee pot after brewing. But, seeing as she can work the pot without her glasses, it’s all good.

Speaking of food stuffs, every Monday at work we have the Mangia Pizza Dude come to visit and sell mini-pizzas. He usually leaves about 5 minutes before 12. Today, as I was enjoying my coffee (French Kisses) I looked at the telphone and realized that, hey, it’s 11:55. So I grabbed my purse and bolted to get my pizza for the week. As I was walking back in, mini pizza in tow, a fellow behind me ran out and said, “Rats! He left already?” Unknowingly, I got the last pizza for the day. A few other folks from work also happened along, and we had to share the bad news that he had already left for the day. The pizza was rather cold and not very tasty today either, despite the fact that it was the last of the day.

One of the follows who missed the truck commented that, “he supposed to say past noontime, because we told him some folks have conference calls that last until 12:00.” I guess it’s safe to say the pizza dude wears sneakers. At least, he bolts like he does. Right in the middle, in the midst of all the excitement he just blows off like a breeze into the sunset.

Adios, Mr. Pizza Man. See you next Monday!

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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