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It’s Rosaria and Other Interesting Facts

Lately, I’ve been watching way too much television. I happened upon a commercial for a new Swiffer device, which is supposed to leave your home dustless. The device features a long, extending handle, so you can get into those hard to reach places. The commerical features a bevy of x-maids, butlers, and other assorted cleaning folks from famous TV shows. There’s Alice, Benson, and the folks from the Jeffersons. There was one lady in the commerical I just could not identify. A gapped tooth Latina woman who, it turns out, is the cleaning person for the program Will and Grace. Rosaria, I believe her name is. All this has made me feel better about watching too much television, seeing as I didn’t know who she was and all. I have never seen Will and Grace, nor have I viewed an episode of Friends from start to finish. Still I enjoy a good Law and Order rerun, especially when I get home from work.

I was using infopop over the weekend a bit, mostly to catch up with old friends. Some folks were talking about the move memento. I still have not seen this movie, and I suppose I really need to rent it. It’s about a guy who keeps losing his memory and so he begins to tattoo things onto himself. It sounds like a movie I would enjoy, but one that would beg the question, “why didn’t he just blog?” Yeah, I know, it would spoil the story. Bah on me.

This weekend I picked up an ornately tye-died shirt for little money at my local “big box” store. Interesting factoid about the shirt, the label says, among other things, it’s 100% cotton and that I should wash with like colors. Ok, excuse me for being rude but how the $%^& am I supposed to wash a tye died shirt with like colors? What exactly is a color that’s “like” tye die? WTF?

Today too I had a blow up at work. A few months ago, my group chipped in and purchased a ‘fridge for my area. I bring cokes in so that I can drink them conveniently without going buildings away to the nearest vending machine and paying $1 for over-priced soda. The past few days though, somebody has been walking off with my coke. At first I thought it an honest mistake (there’s some Cherry cola in there and I thought maybe somebody put a red can in and took a red can out w/o looking). So today I go over there and there’s no coke at all. Again. And I’m really pissed off. I was thirsty. Still am. And no coke to drink. So now I’m ripping mad and I’m ready to chew out whomever will be unlucky enough to listen. I suppose I should be more adult about it and just give it up, but I get especially bitchy when I’m thirsty. So now you have the, ahem, “pleasure” of “hearing” my blogger bitch. Take that, Rosaria and clean the fricking windows already, would ya?

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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