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If I go to a Health Fair, am I Healthy?

Today at work we are having a health fair. It’s kind of interesting, actually, seeing all the stuff they have there. I went and spoke with a Chiropractic doctor who has agreed to look at my spine, which is nice. They used to run away screaming when I told them I had a rod in my back.

They also had some martial arts instruction flyers, including one from the Tukong Warrior School. Yes, I said, ahem, the Tukong Warrior School. Be afraid, be very afraid, my dear readership, for I am embarking upon a journey during which I will learn to kick some serious ass. At this dojo (I’m not making this up) you can take classes in Sword Combat Warriorship. That sounds a lot different from most schools where you study things like “French.” Now, I’m not knocking “French” study, things French, or French people but, somehow, hearing a class called “Sword Combat Warriorship” sounds a lot more intense than “French.” Just a hunch, mind you.

So, I wonder, if Fidel got to make a crank call, who do you think he would call? Would he call a doctor if he were sick? (Or would he just visit a health fair like me?) Makes for an interesting topic of conversation, doesn’t it?

I’m seriously thinking about purchasing one of those Total Gyms, because I’m wanting to work out at home and I’ve no access to weights. I just really don’t care for the Gym membership I have (it’s always too crowded and dirty) so I’m seriously considering buying some equipment for home use. Sure, I have the bike, but I want some weights and possibly Pilates to go along with it.

He’s a mental picture for you. Try to imagine, if you will, Fidel doing Pilates. Somehow, I think he’d be much more suited to the “Sword Combat Warriorship” classes, don’t you? Maybe it’s me but, I just can’t picture him in a tu-tu.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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