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The Chihuahua and the Large Screen TV

So poor Ted is now sans large screen TV. So the poor dog had to take a wizz and managed to short out an entire 45 inch boob tube. So I had, just had to blog about this. I just can’t learn to leave well enough alone, can I? Sigh. You know I’ll never listen and you know I’ll never learn. I’ve heard it all before. Three hundred years ago, they’d have burnt me at the stake. Yada yada to you too.

I’ve had some interesting discussions as of late about redemption. What it means, who is eligible, how I can get me some of it. It’s made for interesting talk about the water cooler (at least more intersting than the other topic as of late, which seems to be layoffs, or “RIFs” as we call them now.) Redemption to me is something, some way, some mechanism for redeming one’s self. If you look it up in the dictionary, it refers to the definition as “to buy back” but also references “to free from the consequences of sin.” Interesting thoughts and conversations I’ve had about this as of late.

There’s lots of takes on this. To the Catholics, it seems to me like you say ten hail Mary’s and be done with it. To the Buddhists, you just accept as a matter of course that your path to enlightenment includes several steps which increase suffering for others. It’s just a part of being on earth, I suppose, rather than being in Nirvana. I’m not quite sure what the Protestants think, although I’m willing to bet they don’t agree. Still though, it begs the question, what is the cost for redemption? How do you decide who is elgible? Are there some sins from which you cannot redeem? I suppose it could be said that, if you don’t pay the cost for redemption, you bear the guilt for your sins. I guess this is true in as much as you either have to pay the piper or learn to live with the mistakes you made. It’s part of life, I suppose. Learning to deal with things and moving on.

If you think in terms of emotional baggage, you can realize that redemption can be a form of learning to live with life’s adventures and maladies. You can approach the entire situation by just looking at that emotional bellhop and thinking of ways to try and lighten his load. He never goes away, no, you shouldn’t make him. He’s a part of you for which you should be grateful. But, you could, if you were so inclined, try to take some of the rocks out of the suitcases he’s carrying. Go ahead, make it easy for him to hop around by your side. Best case scenario? He won’t wizz on your large screen TV, like a certain chihuahua I know.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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