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Ah the Sweet Smell of Seaweed in the Morning

One of the comments on my recent web log entry was about my longing for the ocean. To paraphrase, it said, “it could be worse, you could smell seaweed.” I suppose that’s true. I really need to start looking on the bright side of life more often I guess. I have to remember my quote for the week, “things are the way they are because they got that way.” So true, it is. I’m going to stop wondering why things are the way they are and start enjoying life more than ever. Today’s web log will be filled with the mundane. No more longing for a distant shore for me, time to start enjoying the backyard.

I have to stop at Home Depot on the way home from work and get a few items. That and I need groceries. We’re almost out of coke at work and too coffee creamer. While these items may sound mundane to the likes of you, together they become quite alarming.

What if there’s no caffeine in my office tomorrow? What if I don’t have enough money for a coke from the vending machine and I can’t drink coffee without cream? What will become of me. Oh the horror!

It’s true, I don’t usually blog about events at work, but this one is special. Without caffeine, you see, I simply cannot function. It’s like death that you walk through (or sort of walk, stumble actually, well maybe kind of crawl or something.) Kind of like going through a drive-thru Hell without a car. Yeah, that’s it. Without coke or coffee, the situation is very grim indeed. This is an emergency situation here. I mean, it’s not like the network’s down. Crap, I can’t even use a NOTEPAD without caffeine, ok? A pen? Nah, that’s way too complicated a device. Trying to muster enough energy to do anything will become impossible. It will be kind of like my entire universe taking a bath in molasses. No, no, no, this is far worse an emergency and has far reaching ramifications that I would stop and think about if I weren’t in such a panic to run out and get myself some caffeinated something before my mind implodes.

Oh the horror! This is worse than watching a bad B-movie without the benefit of the mystery science fiction puppets. Gasp! If I don’t get some coke soon, I’m going to have to free base and, well, the site of me with brown fluid coming out my left nostril will not be pretty, I tell you. I’m off! Off to make the world safe for democracy, off to marry a rich man, off to invent a cure for cancer, off my rocker, off to get myself some caffeine before the meldown.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off, running out, and getting caffeine.


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