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Tales of a Well-Hung Man

You must be living under a box somewhere if you have yet to hear about William Hung the, ahem, “gret singing sensation” from the American Idol try-outs. In typically great American capitalist fashion, William has already been offered a record deal and a $25,000 check to become an entertainer. Some people are outraged, some are enraptured, some are just befuddled. I’m happy as a clam. Why? Well, for one thing, William is happy. He looks happy, he’s dances happy, he sings happy, and he’s not overly concerned with looking bad. He doesn’t care if he isn’t the next great Josh Grobin, he enjoys singing and dancing. I say, “good for him.” Isn’t that what art’s supposed to be all about? When did it become some kind of pissing contest, where people like Christina Aguliera boast about their 3 octave ranges while running around looking like human Barbie dolls? Why isn’t there room in the great gallery of music and entertainment for somebody like William?

I guess another part of his appeal is that most people are happy for him. He comes from a family of immigrants and works hard as a student in California. He said he was proud of his audition because he “gave [his] best.” Truth be told, what more could we ask? And he does have persistence, you have to give him that much.

So, I say, “Go William Go!” Go enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. Go make your family proud. Go enjoy your art and self-expression. To Hell with what the Latte-drinking, “like fer sure” Hollywood flakes have to say. Go do you dream and happiness will follow. Worst case, you could end up singing back-up for Poi Dog (and that wouldn’t be so bad, would it?)

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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